Philpott Lake


Solid Waste
9340 Virgil H. Goode Hwy.
Rocky Mount, VA  24151

Phone: 540-489-1600

Barry Sink, Supervisor
E-mail: Solid Waste

1255 Franklin Street, Suite 112
Rocky Mount, VA  24151

Haulers & Businesses

Monday - Friday
7:30 am - 4:00 pm

7:00 am - 12:00 pm

7:30 am - 3:00 pm

Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Day
New Year's Day



Green Box Sites

View a map of green box sites in the county.

4-H Center - Hermitage Rd.
6 Mile Post - Waid Park Rd.
890 Figsboro - Snow Creek Rd.
Algoma - Gap Gate & Callaway Rd.
Belchers - Circle Creek Rd.
Blackwater - Virgil H. Goode Hwy.
Blind Man Store - Sontag Rd.
Boones Mill - Church Hill Rd.
Boones Mill School - Taylor's Rd.
Box on River - Truevine Rd.
Burnt Chimney - 50 Burnt Chimney Rd.
Burnt Chimney School - 80 Burnt Chimney Rd.
Bus Garage - School Board Rd.
Callaway - Ferrum Mountain Rd.
Callaway School - Callaway Rd.
CATCE - Technology Dr.
Courthouse (Jail) - East Court St.
Crossroads - Henry Rd.
Custom Woodworking - Dillons Mill Rd.
Dick's - 4200 Burnt Chimney Rd.
Doe Run - Power Dam Rd.
Dudley School - Brooks Mill Rd.
Endicott - Franklin St.
Essig Center - Technology Drive
Ferrum - Franklin St.
Ferrum College - Franklin St.
Ferrum College - Field View Drive
Ferrum School - Franklin St.
Fork Mountain - Virgil H. Goode Hwy.
Franklin Center - Claiborne Ave.
Glade Hill School - Old Franklin Turnpike
Glade Hill (Seven-Eighteen) - Colonial Turnpike
Government Center - Franklin St.
Grassy Hill - Grassy Hill Rd.
Gravelpile - Truevine Rd.
Hardy - Hardy Rd.
Henry - Henry Rd.
Henry School - Telegraph Rd.
High School - Tanyard Rd.
Hodges Store - Bethlehem Rd.
Jearalds - Circle Creek Rd.
Knob - Knob Church Rd.
Landfill - Virgil H. Goode Hwy.
Lee Waid - East Court St.
Middle School - North Main St.
Naff's - Naff Rd. & Wades Gap Rd.
Pelican Point - Dillards Hill Rd.
Penhook - Morgan Fork Rd.
Penhook (Boat Dock) - Jefferson Dock Rd.
Rakes Road - Davis Mill Rd.
Recreation Park - Sontag Rd.
Red Valley - Jubal Early Hwy.
Retreat - Bethlehem Rd.
Rocky Mount Elementary - School Board Rd.
Rocky Mount Volunteer Fire Department - North Main Street
Roses - Franklin St.
Sago - Old Chapel Rd.
Sawmill - Sawmill Rd.
Scruggs - Scruggs Rd.
Six-Nineteen - Pleasant Hill Rd.
Snow Creek - Snow Creek Rd.
Snow Creek School - Snow Creek Rd.
Social Services - Virgil H. Goode Hwy.
Sontag School - Sontag Rd.
VDOT Building - State Street
Webster Road - Webster Rd.
Windy Gap - Jubal Early Hwy.
Windy Gap School - Truman Hill Rd.