The Franklin County Public School System is often recognized as one of the finest in the region.  With all schools fully accredited, numerous elementary schools have received the Governor’s Award for Educational Excellence during the past few years, while some County schools have achieved the U.S. Department of Education’s National Blue Ribbon designation through recent years.  While school accolades are numerous, the overall school population continues to remain relatively stable. The average daily membership (ADM) in the County school system has increased by a nominal  0.49% or just 35 students over the last decade.

The school system continues to achieve academic results while serving a significant portion of children (50.6%) who qualify for free/reduced lunch.

For further information on how the Franklin County Public School System compares, please visit the school system website and/or the Virginia Department of Education website report card

2013 School Pie Chart

2013 Fr Co Schools ADM Enrollment

2013 Schools Actual ADM - March 31 2012

School ADM and Population

2013 Schools Instruction Expense Per Pupil

2013 Schools Local Revenue Per Pupil

2013 Schools Total Expenditure Per Pupil

2013 Schools Transportation Per Pupil

2013 School Expense Per Capita


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