Animal Control

The County of Franklin Animal Control Department enforces local animal regulatory and state humane laws.

Department Animal Control Officers are authorized to investigate possible animal related law violations and take appropriate enforcement action. Each year Department officers conduct thousands of investigations, ranging from relatively minor code violations to felony animal cruelty cases.

In some cases, our officers may promote voluntary compliance by educating owners about their animal care responsibilities; other situations may warrant administrative action and/or an arrest and criminal prosecution. Additionally, our officers rescue animals that are stray, sick or injured, or endangered or other situations. Abandonment of animals 3.2-6504 - No person shall abandon or dump any animal. Violation of this section is a Class 3 Misdemeanor. Nothing in this section shall be construed to prohibit the release of an animal by its owner to a pound, animal shelter or other releasing agency.

What do I do if an animal has showed up at my property? Contact your neighbors to see if they know the ownership of the animal. If no success, contact us and we will come pick up the stray animal.

What do I do if my neighbor's dog is coming onto my property, destroying my property, or constantly barking all hours of the night? There is no leash law in Franklin County, however, the animal owner is responsible to contain their animal on their property to prevent it from running at large. You can contact the Magistrate's Office and acquire a nuisance warrant.